Women Are Irrational, Men Are Insensitive, & Millennials Are Lazy

Oh yeah, and Scorpios are hot-heads. It’s now open season, folks: we can feel free to generalize and stereotype people into neatly defined behavioral buckets. It’s like we never lived through the 90s political correctness at all, and we can go back to the Golden Age of prejudice. Fill in the blanks (and by all […]

Want To Improve Employee Performance?

The first performance review I went through was incredibly stressful. I was told to meet my manager, who I had interacted with three times in the prior year, in her office to go through my performance evaluation. I had no idea what I was being evaluated on. We sat down and she said, “I’ve got […]

Develop It. Don’t Manage It.

Development For individuals or organizations to grow, we need to develop a growth mindset. Many times during coaching or in the classroom I encounter the “fixed mindset,” which is the person who feels that all knowledge and skill is set in concrete from the time you are in your 20s, and as if “you can’t […]